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I regularly run workshops and demonstrations of these techniques for various art groups and at events.



I specialise in drawing with charcoal and in mixed media work. Nearly all my drawing is done in charcoal. I love using charcoal because of it’s versatility and immediacy.
Energy and ideas can be instantly relayed to the drawing surface, creating bold, lively, atmospheric results!  

My colour work is achieved by applying watercolour over charcoal, to give bold, bright colour. I then draw back into the picture with soft pastels and pastel pencils to add more vivid colour, and build on the depth of detail.

If you would like to book me then give me a ring on 015394 41433
£25 per hour plus travel @ 40p per mile
 I usually provide photo reference to work from. I can also provide paper, charcoal, a variety of rubbers and drawing tools, colour pastels etc to buy on the day.