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Customers commission me to produce portraits because they know I go the extra mile, and deliver something really special!

Unforgettable Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas presents.

A lifelong reminder of your best friend or working companion as you really remember them.


Creating a story of your animal! I always meet and photograph subjects myself. Usually at the animal’s home. Often the most natural photos are taken in the animals own home where they are relaxed and totally at ease with their environment. This also means other animals or family pets, favourite toys, view points, farm or garden features etc can be included in the photoshoot if you wish. Even favourite walks or rides! All these things add up to telling the ‘story of your animal’.

 JoMcGrath Commissions

Choosing the pose

After the photoshoot, we’ll look through the results together to choose an image from which I’ll paint the final picture. We will also decide which photos are going to make it into the album. By this time, I’ll have a really good idea of the character and personality of the subject I’m about to paint, which makes the final result so much more personal and true to life!

Finally we’ll discuss your framing preferences and expected timings for completion.

This whole process usually takes between 4 – 6 hrs. Photoshoots require a £50 deposit, paid on the day.

 JoMcGrath Commissions

The Drawing

Your portrait is drawn and painted. I will email you progress pictures as the commission progresses. The exciting bit!

Once finished and approved, your portrait will be scanned and saved in high resolution, digital format. This then enables me to produce the new commission as luxury quality greetings cards for you. It also means you can request prints of your commission for family and friends if you wish.

 JoMcGrath Commissions

How Long does it take?

The timings for all this will vary, depending on the length of my waiting list. I will be able to give you a better idea when you book your commission.

While the portrait is being produced, your photos are edited, compiled then sent away to be printed professionally as a beautiful, bound, hardbacked book.

 JoMcGrath Commissions

How to order

Make an Enquiry

Contact Jo for a chat about your requirements by clicking on ‘Contact’ or by phoning 015394 41433.